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Everything you need to know before bookng a course!

What is Hypnobirthing?

Good question! And one that I could spent pages answering. But let me start by saying I wish it was named differently - I think the 'Hypno' part is very misleading and can put people off. Hypnobirthing is very much based in science and essentially boils down to, if you understand the physiology of birth, you are far less likely to fear it and to become overwhelmed by the sensations, allowing you to stay in control and let your body do what it needs to do. If you understand your options when it comes to the practicalities of birth, you are far less likely to feel out of control of the experience.

By preparing yourself mentally and physically for what is to come, you can greatly reduce your fear, anxiety (and therefore pain) when it comes to birth.

The 'Hypno' part of the term refers to the element of self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques used in Hypnobirthing, which I'll go into in the next question.

Will you be hypnotising me?!

No! In short, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You cannot 'be hypnotised'. I'll explain more about this in our first session, but in Hypnobirthing 'self-hypnosis' is basically just a state of relaxation. It enables you to feel calm and open to new ideas. It can also help switch off the thinking part of the brain, helping allow your body to do what it needs to do during birth.

In a learning environment, it makes you more able to let go of all the negative things you have learnt about birth, and more open to accepting that your experience can be calm & positive (however it unfolds).

In a birth environment, it can really help you get in 'the zone', tune into your body and allow the incredible process to unfold smoothly!

When is the right time to do the course?

Any time you like! But most people get the most out of classes from 20 weeks+, when everything starts to feel a bit more real! And if you've only just discovered Bare Birthing, don't worry about it being 'too late' - it is never too late to change your outlook on birth and prepare your body and mind for a calm and positive experience.

We're having a planned caesarean - is the course still appropriate for us?

Yes! There is no right or wrong way, or right or wrong place, to give birth. The knowledge and techniques you'll learn for during and after your baby's arrival are invaluable for any kind or place of birth, helping you stay calm and in control, and aware of your choices.

We're consultant-led - is the course still appropriate for us?

See above! Absolutely yes.

Should I do the group or private course?

The content will be very similar, but the private courses will be catered to your specific situation, with sessions held in your own home at times that suit you. The group courses are obviously shared with other expectant parents and are weekly sessions held on a set weekday evening. 

Still not sure? Get in touch and we can have a chat.

Where do the classes take place?

I will visit you at home for the private classes, or we can do them over video call if you prefer/ if you're not local to Sheffield.
Group classes will be held at The Snug, Sheffield Sling Surgery, 71 Leadmill Road S1. There is free 2-hour parking over the road at DFS, or parking right outside for £2.

How much does it cost?

The private course is made up of four sessions in your own home. The price starts at £350 depending on your location. The group course is £189 for a 4-week course.

Do I need to do any other antenatal classes alongside Bare Birthing?

My courses are designed to provide all the information you need to prepare for birth and beyond. We cover everything from pregnancy to birth to the 4th trimester. But I believe the more knowledge you can get your hands on the better! Just make sure it fits in with your own views and ethos.

If there's anything you'd still like to know, please get in touch! Use the contact form, email me, or use social media. If you'd rather speak on the phone, drop me a message and we can arrange a call.

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