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As a first-time Mum, I was so glad I did the hypnobirthing course with Bare Birthing. I really feel as though my birth experience could have been very different if it wasn’t for Lucy’s wonderful classes and the incredible support network I gained from it.
   I learnt so much from Lucy, and the classes not only helped me prepare for birth (however which way it would go) but also helped me to feel supported during pregnancy too - I especially loved the relaxation part which provided some much needed self-care and helped me to bond with my baby! It was great that my partner could get involved in some of the sessions too and we both felt really informed. When the time came, I felt calm and confident that my body and my baby knew what to do!
   I made it through my labour with just a tens machine and the breathing techniques we learnt in class, and although I didn’t get to use the birthing pool at the hospital as I had originally wanted I still had a wonderful drug-free and intervention-free birth.
   I’m also really lucky to have met four amazing friends through Bare Birthing, and we regularly meet up now all our babies are here!
Thank you Lucy for running such a great course :) I would recommend it to anyone preparing for birth.

Sarah, first time mum to baby Aella


I did a local hypnobirthing course in my 1st pregnancy 2 years ago, but really wanted to refresh my knowledge for my second pregnancy. I completed the 6 week group antenatal course with Bare Birthing and really can’t recommend Lucy enough- a lovely, supportive, clearly knowledgable & passionate teacher - not to mention the classes were such a nice relaxing way to end the week & I met some fab mums to be also. I felt so empowered and prepared once I’d finished this course. Lucy continued to be on hand for support and advice after the course ended when my pregnancy took a few unexpected turns which was so helpful and appreciated. I’m pleased to say I had an incredible birth experience and I’ve no doubt that the information, confidence & support I received from doing this course were paramount to that. I recommend hypnobirthing to everyone I know who is pregnant!

Rosie, second time mum to baby Maeve


"Lucy’s support was absolutely invaluable for me through my birth experience and beyond. I started working with Lucy when I was about 33 weeks pregnant and found out that our baby wasn’t growing very well in the womb. It was a very emotional time, with two scans a week and the possibility of an emergency caesarean at any point. Lucy worked with me and my partner to guide us through what to expect in any scenario, helping us to visualise the event so we would feel confident and prepared. We had regular video chats and constant messages where she would answer my questions and offer much needed cheerleading and positivity. Ultimately we went to the birth feeling optimistic and informed. I ended up having an induction that did result in an emergency caesarean and I know that I couldn’t have stayed so calm through the experience without all of the preparation we’d done. Postnatally she’s also been a great help - as a first time mum I can 100% recommend working with her if you want to learn it all and also have the best friend and cheerleader to guide you through your birth."

Lily, first time mum to baby Dylan


I did Lucy’s private antenatal course when I was pregnant with twins. The course was amazing, informative and Lucy was so friendly that I felt confident to ask any questions that I had. My twins were born early at 34 weeks and thanks to Lucy I felt so much more prepared and in control of my birthing experience. Thanks again Lucy!

Beth & Anthony, first time parents to twins Amelia & Ada

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My partner and I really enjoyed Lucy's Bare Birthing course. We revised a lot from our first birth but also learnt a lot of new facts and tips which helped us prepare for labour! Most of all, Lucy's enthusiasm for a home birth gave us the confidence to go for it. This was definitely the best decision for us and we were able to welcome baby Piers into the world from the comfort of our own home. He was born in the birthing pool. I'm sure the warm waters helped reduce pain and avoid any tearing despite him being a big baby. The midwives commented how calm we were and how well the birth went. Thank you!

Lucy, second time mum to baby Piers

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