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Positive Birth Preparation Pack


Prepare for a positive birth! This online preparation pack is designed to give you all the information you need to achieve the positive birth you deserve. While I am on maternity leave myself, I wanted to make sure all the invaluable information that I normally teach live was still available to expectant parents who are looking to inform themselves about all things birth, and achieve a positive experience no matter what path it takes! I have included all the content that is usually covered in our in-person courses, which includes: - Your pregnant body & how it works during labour - The process of birth in all its glorious variety - How to prepare for birth physically & mentally - Hypnobirthing techniques to help you stay in control of your birth - Your many choices when it comes to your maternity care - An introduction to pregnancy-safe gentle movement - The postpartum period & the 4th trimester You'll also get access to: - A Birth Preferences template that you can edit & print off - A Birth Bag Packing List - A folder of hypnobirthing mp3s - Various other PDFs that you can download & print - The Bare Birthing Parents Facebook Group - Many other resources to help prepare for birth and beyond! Simply click 'Sign Up' below to create an account and pay for the course. You'll then be able to access the content whenever and wherever you like - on your computer or phone. The course is completely self-led so that you can take in the information at a pace that suits you.

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